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The B-Team

The B-Team

The amazing B-Team consists of 4 professional stage heroes that are bound by friendship and the shared loyalty to the cause of saving the World. The newest creation revisits the 80s Hollywood’s action hero ethos (as seen in Rambo, Die Hard, Terminator…) in a contemporary context. Today’s masculinity/male-ness gets portrayed through a dynamic and humorous expressive language of action hero dance comedy within exciting landscapes of constantly morphing stageset. The piece is made to be enjoyable by all generations of audiences.

Choreography: Hygin Delimat
Music: Voland Szekely
Performance: Łukasz Czapski, Hygin Delimat, Marcin Denkiewicz, Voland Szekely
Stage/light design: Hygin Delimat
Artistic advice: Athanasia Kanellopolou
Artistic residencies: CCB Bleiburg, Klub Gdańsk Żak, Trois C-L Luxembourg
Booking: write@hygindelimat.com / +43 69919219863
Photographs: Paweł Wyszomirski

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