Fot.Marta Ankiersztejn


Performing architecture or turning bodies into construction elements, House Beating is a powerful, dynamic spectacle. Evolved around Corbusier modernist philosophy, it consists of a choreography of male dancers exploring borderline possibilities of their bodies, and a giant, organically morphing wooden structure, together with sounds of an original composition inspired by Xennakis and Cage.


Choreographed together with Elias Buttinger.

Premiere: Linz 2015. Duration: 45min.

Produced with STUV Scholarship / ABPU,

residency at RedSapata Tanzfabrik.

Fot. Paweł Wyszomirski


Fot.Anna Firak

Fot. Aura Dance

Fot.Hygin Delimat

Fot.Katarzyna Chmura-Cegiełkowska

Fot.Marta Ankiersztejn

A personal reflection about growing up in postcommunist highrise dormitories mingled with a critical reflection upon Eastern interpretations of Corbusier's architectural idealism ("machine to live in"). For Living In was among selected works for the 2015 Polish Dance Platform. The solo has been presented in Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Belarus.


Mentored by Martin Sonderkamp.

Premiere: Gdańsk 2014. Duration: 25min

Produced in a frame of Rezydencja/Premiera Klub Żak Gdańsk.


How to define a true intersection of disciplines? How to expand the very point of intersection into a new medium of expression? 14 artists worked together towards a unique contemporary architecture exhibition and a very physical installation-performance.


Concept/curatorship by Hygin Delimat, Anna Firak & Franz Koppelstatter.

Performance duration: 1h15'. Exhibition: 6 weeks. Premiere: Linz 2016.

Surface is a journey to discover external layers of personality, body, architecture. Powerful phisical, and emotional relation between the man and its surrounding, the wall. The work lives very well also in non-theatrical spaces such as galleries, industrial zones or private rooms. The solo is on tour and has visited already Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Georgia, Germany.


Duration: 25min. Premiere: Cologne 2014.

Produced during a residency at Michael Douglas Collective Cologne.

See also Second Surface.

A guest choreography for the famous dance theatre company in Lithuania Aura. White on White is a choreographic discourse of West and East, of Cubism, and Suprematism, of revolution, and non-revolution...


Duration: 60min. Premiere: Kaunas 2015.

Production of Aura Dance Theatre.

An interdisciplinary dance & art performance project in Kampala. Street dance mixed with fluoerescent paper mache & scrap sculptures.


Choreographed together with Josseline Black.

Duration: 30min. Premiere: Kampala 2016.

Produced thanks to Crowdfunding / Kulturpreis Bank Austria,

residency at 32 Degrees East Ugandan Arts Trust.


See also dance videos in collaboration with Josseline Black:

Valley Sessions, Stuart, Mario, Papsher.

A fruitful collaboration with contemporary composers duo - Marina Poulekhina and Alexander Chernyshkov. The work is an invitation to a futuristic universe of light, movement, and sound machinery. Science Fiction of Contemporary Dance.


Choreographed together with Sonia Borkowicz.

Duration: 35min. Premiere: Graz & Warsaw 2015.

Produced by Komuna/Warszawa and IDA Dance Research Lab.

See also Absorption.

Looking for traces of what is ancient, prehistoric, instinctive in an expression of the contemporary human. The basic principles and elements are led through processes of evolution and transformation in sound, light, and movement..


Sound composition: Hannes Kerschbaumer

Duration: 25min. Premiere: Linz 2013.

Produced by IDA Dance Research Lab.