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Landscape before catastrophe

Hygin Delimat Performing Arts

offer services for art and culture in regards to video recording and live broadcasting of performances and events. We have the experience and the technical abilities to provide you with the up-to-date quality attractive visual materials. What makes us unique is that we all originate from the professional performing field ourselves. Hence, we take special care with capturing stage movement and expression.

The services include

– multi camera recording of live performances and events in 4k – special creative filming sessions for rehearsals or promotional materials – multi camera live streaming of performances and events in full hd (or 4k) – montage of performance videos, promotional materials, interviews and more


Craft Choreography, Body Architects, Klavs Liepins and Yelena Arakelow, Klaus – Tanz im öffentlichen Raum, Tanz*Hotel, Le Cycle Des Princes and more…

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