Gently Acrobatic

Gently Acrobatic

Contemporary floorwork / partnering.

This workshop is a live balancing act between technical knowledge-oriented exercises and animalistic movements practices. The integration of both leads to a freedom of expression. Ideally, we get to flow, float, and fly! Gently Acrobatic is an eclectic movement art – rather than originating from one base movement discipline, it combines a variety of sources, offering a very distilled and curated knowledge from contemporary dance, breakdancing, tricking, contact improvisation, floor acrobatics, somatics, yoga. Rather than becoming dogmatic about one specific movement art, I believe in connecting information and creating the contemporary – perfectly mobile body, compatible with all already existing movement disciplines.

The workshop introduces thoroughly the following concepts:
– Flexible power, powerful flexibility
– Preparatory movement
– Dynamic, soft and strong spine
– Generating energy from the center of the body
– Smooth, clean and healthy movement
– Back & shoulders flexibility
– Introduction to balancing
– Circular motion vs linear motion

I have been teaching this concept in commercial schools and festivals around the World (Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, El Salvador, Mexico, Costa Rica…) as well as the Fontys Academy in Tilburg, Dance Department at the University of Belgrade, Janacek Academy in Brno and the Warsaw Dance Academy.

Recent videos from teaching: