Landscape before catastrophe

A choreographic picture of inevitability: the decay, destruction and downfall with their preceding periods of silence and peace. Hygin Delimat enters this emotionally charged landscape with a dance solo, in which he sparks a courageous dialogue between a sensitive body and a fragile matter. The piece draws parallels between the universal myths of Atlas and Sisyphus and the contemporary human – including his relationship with the planet. In an atmosphere of a frivolous spirit and a serious responsibility, Hygin Delimat engages in an epic drama, which is further amplified by the music of a Polish composer Henryk Górecki.

Choreography / performance / design: Hygin Delimat

Dramaturgical advice: Noemi Wagner, Łukasz Czapski

Sound design: Hygin Delimat

Music: Henryk Górecki – Symphony No.3, Op.36

Co-produced in the frame of Artist At Resort at the Tanz*Hotel Vienna